Ab Twister Machines

ab twister machine image one (ab doer twist) Ab Doer Twist

This ab twister is your 360-degree approach to core fitness. It helps you do muscle toning and aerobic training at the same time.  The bars force you to have perfect form, so you get the best results.  It exercises your lower abs, upper abs, obliques, even your back.

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ab twister machine image 2 (Ab Circle Pro) Ab Circle Pro (as seen on TV)

This ab twister machine comes with three levels of resistance,  folds for easy storage under a be or in a closet. The manufacturer claims that just 3 minutes on AB Circle Pro is equal to more than 100 situps.

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Ab Twister Machines

No doubt, you’ve seen a lot of ads on TV, in magazines for ab machines.  A lot of them for ab twister machines.  No doubt, they had people with great abs in these ads.  Who implied that they got such great abs using the ab twister.

Ab Twister Machines Work – Just not as advertised

Ab machines that get your abs to contract will tone and strengthen your abs.  The more effort they require, the more they strengthen. However, it’s possible to have strong abs, really strong abs, but not six-pack abs, or even a flat stomach.

If you’re to lose inches from your waist, you need to have a healthy diet, don’t over-eat, and spend a good amount of calories on exercises.  Clearly, an ab twister has no bearing on what or how much you eat.  And to use up enough calories doing nothing but ab twister exercises requires more time than you can imagine.  Definitely more than the 10-30 minutes 3 times a week ad for ab twister machines (and other ab machines) say are required.

In other words, if you carry a bit (or a lot) of fat and did nothing but ab twister exercises, you’d end up with stronger abs that nobody saw due to the layer of fat on top.  If, on the other hand, you ate nothing but healthy meals in the right portions, did squats, pull-ups, push-ups, and jogged regularly, and used your ab twister machine, you would have stronger abs that people could see.  If you did those exercises long enough and at sufficient intensity, you’d even have six-pack abs.

If you’re among the people who cannot do crunches, an ab twister is obviously one of the good choices you have.

Ab Twister Machine Caveat

As with so many other things, not all ab machines were created equal.  The same is true of ab twisters.  With the latter, the costlier ones tend to be better.  But a flimsy ab twister used regularly is better than a sturdy, expensive one that’s not used regularly.  In other words, it’s up to you not to an ab twister.

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